5 Ways To Stay Compliant When It Comes To Infection Control

Looking for a few ways to make sure your facility is in compliance with infection control standards? These standards are very important in hospitals and health care facilities today. Infection control standards and guidelines are in place to keep physicians, medical personnel and patients safe.

We came up with five easy ways to help your medical facility stay compliant with many of today’s health care standards and guidelines. Keep in mind, the following are only a few ways to follow infection control standards.

1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
One of the best ways for protecting staff and patients from infection is to wear personal protective equipment. The following items are commonly found in medical facilities and should be appropriately worn: exam gloves, disposable mask, protective eyewear, bouffant caps, coverall gowns, etc.

2. Use Infection Control Products
Infection control products should be routinely used throughout your medical facility. These items include hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray, towelettes, wipes, etc. These products will help keep certain areas in your facility clean, so it’s important to have them in stock.

3. Protect Your Patients
Patients should have access to certain supplies such as tissues, disposable gowns, hand sanitizer, etc. Medical personnel should know which supplies will keep their patients protected, depending on the patient’s illness.

4. Utilize Organizers & Dispensers


Organizers and dispensers will keep supplies organized, easily accessible and visible. By displaying these units, it will increase supply utilization from your medical staff.

5. Train Medical Staff
Medical staff should have the appropriate training on infection control supplies. Staff should know how these supplies are appropriately used and where to locate these items. They must understand what kind of personal protective equipment is necessary for certain applications. They should also be well informed of all the health care standards and guidelines (i.e. OSHA).

By following these recommendations your facility will comply with many health care standards and guidelines. If you have any questions regarding this post, please let us know below.

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