Safe, Sustainable And Stylish PPE-Inspired Looks By Emerging Fashion Label Monosuit

Basic Instinct Dress by Monosuit
Stay at home looks from Monosuit include the Basic Instinct Dress. PHOTO COURTESY OF MONOSUIT

When the pandemic first broke out and many of us were subject to months-long lockdowns, a good lot of us began spending most of our days in lounge wear or workout gear. Save for a few individuals who refused to cave in to the stay-home style options, it seemed the most sensible fashion choices were those that would easily get you from bed to kitchen, dining room, balcony and back to bed.

When talking about a universe largely defined and driven by a spirit of creativity, confining fashion choices to garment for staying at home is nothing short of a disservice. Through the weeks, we saw on social media how loyal style soldiers innovated quarantine and “new normal’ looks. This was not without the expected black lash, of course. Critics found it a frivolous pursuit to concern one’s self with fashion at a time when lives and livelihoods were at stake. Where creativity is utilized to help pivot business and enhance the quality of a life, credit is due.

Monosuit jumpsuit
Monosuit future perfect jumpsuits are made using recyclable yarns. PHOTO COURTESY OF MONOSUIT

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Jumpsuits by MONOSUIT are made using recyclable yarns
Jumpsuits by MONOSUIT are made using recyclable yarns PHOTO COURTESY OF MONOSUIT

I had already been talking with the designers behind emerging New York-based independent fashion label MONOSUIT before a bitter sweet lockdown up in the mountains, far away from the city center. All-season street wear sensibilities that reimagined the jumpsuit into a fashion forward garment distinguished the brand and its sensibilities. Its proposition of championing circular design through use of recyclable yarn further piqued interest.

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